About Body Care Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Nasrin Moghadasian

Dr. Nasrin Moghadasian, D.C., F.I.C.P.A.

Dr. Nasrin wants you to know that before she was a Chiropractor she was also a patient. Dr. Nasrin use to be a chronic migraine sufferer, until she found the life of chiropractic. Then and only then was she able to live a “normal” life. This is why Dr. Nasrin is able to empathize with you the patient because she has been there, and she has learned that the only way to stop the pain naturally is through chiropractic.

Through the doors at Body Care Spine & Nerve you will find a staff that is not only upbeat and friendly, but also one of the most caring and empathetic staff around. Dr. Nasrin makes an extra effort to help out others whenever she can. Ranging from local volunteering, to volunteering in small villages, such as Nicaruaga where the locals would have never had the chance to be treated and educated about these holistic treatments.

During the initial visit, Dr. Nasrin gathers information about your immediate concerns, as well as your past medical history, in order to determine the proper treatment. Her combination of manipulation, physiotherapy and rehabilitation has been proven to be vastly superior. Utilizing these techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, she treats all ages from infants to the elderly. She is also licensed to treat expectant mothers during their pregnancy when they experience pressure on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pain in between the shoulders, overall aches, soreness, muscle imbalance and fatigue.

Studies show that patients given the type of care provided at Body Care Spine & Nerve provides recovery at least 3 weeks faster then most patients treated by traditional methods alone. To help prevent wear and tear of the spine and bring balance back to your life. Call and schedule and appointment for posture analysis, spinal screening, consolation and or adjustment. We can help!

Please refer to our Body Care Spine & Nerve Services page for further information. Dr. Nasrin, Redondo Beach Chiropractic.

Dr. Sara Aramipour, D.C.

A strong desire to help others as well as interest and innate capacity for the sciences is what led Dr. Sara to the field of healthcare, and more specifically, chiropractic. Dr. Sara grew up in the South Bay attending Manhattan Beach School District until she enrolled in Cleveland Chiropractic College for her undergraduate degree, and also acquiring her Doctorate from the college in December of 2007.  

With close to a decade of chiropractic experience, Dr. Sara has had great success treating sports injuries, geriatric patients and personal injury accidents. She specializes in personal injury and extremity injuries, as well as foot and hand pain. Dr. Sara gives extra attention to the potential causes of a patients’ health problems. To that end, she places great emphasis on getting to know her patients, listens carefully to their concerns, and always takes the time to communicate in detail what is best for their health. You will truly feel the care and compassion Dr. Sara naturally has for all people in and outside of her practice.

Dr. Sal Nadkarni

Dr. Sal Nadkarni

Dr. Sal Nadkarni is a housecall cosmetic physician with expertise in facial aesthetics, sports medicine, and pharmaceutical clinical research. He attended undergrad at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, medical school at Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, and completed his residency training at Northwestern University in Chicago. Most recently, he completed an MBA at University of California, Irvine’s Healthcare Executive MBA Program.

Dr. Sal’s interest and passion in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine began while working as a Global Medical Director for Botox clinical trials at Allergan in Irvine, CA. While managing worldwide Botox clinical studies he gained a wealth of knowledge about Botox and all of its approved and off-label uses, as well as the safety, efficacy, and side effects of Botox, Juvederm, and many other Allergan products. The culmination of all his knowledge, expertise, passion, and ingenuity has led to the creation of Dr. Sal’s Mobile Medspa – Rejuvenation In Motion.

As a housecall-based solo practice in the Los Angeles / Orange County area, Dr. Sal performs minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the comforts of the patient’s home, thereby providing the ultimate in convenience, privacy, and discretion along with the reassurance of receiving his physician skills and expertise.